Our Story

 At Sweet Themes Candle Co., our journey began as a simple hobby, born out of the need to find solace during challenging times in the pandemic. What started as a way for me and my daughter to cope has since blossomed into something truly meaningful. We've discovered a greater purpose – to empower teen girls to build confidence, find moments of mental relaxation amidst high-stress environments, and provide a positive outlet through after-school opportunities.

Sweet Themes Candle Co. on Instagram: "Candle Queens at work.  #femaleownedbusiness #candles"

With every candle we create, we aim to not only bring light and fragrance into homes but also to ignite a sense of inner strength and resilience in young minds. Your support allows us to continue this mission of fostering positivity and growth in our community. Together, we're not just making candles; we're lighting the way for a brighter future for our youth.